Plesk is a web hosting and server data centre automation software with a control panel developed for Linux and Windows-based retail hosting service providers.

Plesk’s intuitive interface is clean and well organized so that it’s easy to find exactly the features you need. The steps involved in completing the various tasks the control panel allows for are typically simple. But for anyone just starting out, the product’s help center includes an array of useful resources, from video tutorials to full Plesk courses.

While cPanel may be the most popular control panel out there, it loses to Plesk in this significant category. cPanel only works with Linux web servers. A lot of the web servers out there are Linux servers (usually if you don’t see it specified otherwise, that’s what a web hosting plan uses), but for a certain portion of websites, Windows hosting makes more sense.

People increasingly do work on the go. For you and your employees to access your website and make the updates and changes that need to get done when you’re on the bus, in an airport, or just have your smartphone in easier reach than a laptop, you need a good way to access your control panel from any device.

Anyone with a website needs to be thinking about website security. There are a number of things you can do to protect your website from hackers or malicious attacks, but one of the first steps to take is choosing the right web hosting platform and control panel. Plesk has a strong reputation for security and provides a number of different options for making your website more secure.

As people rely on an ever growing list of tech products in lives and business, compatibility has become one of the most important concerns to consider when choosing a new tech tool. The Plesk web control panel promises compatibility with a huge number of popular and essential third-party applications.

Even though Plesk is known for being easy to use, that doesn’t mean you won’t ever need some help. For something as important as your website, when you encounter a problem, you want help that’s thorough and fast.

In addition to a thorough help center which answers the most common questions users have, Plesk also offers tech support 24/7. You can contact their representatives by toll free phone, email, social media, or by using the Plesk forum.

In addition to the core functionality you’ll find with Plesk, you can also make use of over 100 extensions that extend the product’s features. These extensions add functionality in categories including security, appearance, backups, email, SEO, and website speed, to name just a few examples.