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    Dedicated Server - Get the Best Dedicated Server Hosting in India

    Get fully dedicated hardware and customize your Dedicated Server to suit your resource-heavy web projects. Invest in a Dedicated Server with no sharing of resources and experience top-notch performance at Affordable price.


    AMD EPYC 7452

    • AMD EPYC 7452
    • 32C/64T - 2.3GHz
    • 128 GB RAM
    • 3.84 TB SSD
    • 1 Gbps Network
    • 32 TB Bandwidth
    • SLA 99.95%
    • 24 x 7 Support

    AMD EPYC 7k62

    • AMD EPYC 7k62
    • 48C/96T - 2.6GHz
    • 256 GB RAM
    • 2x3.84 TB SSD
    • 1 Gbps Network
    • 32 TB Bandwidth
    • SLA 99.95%
    • 24 x 7 Support

    AMD EPYC 7k62

    • 2 x EPYC 7k62
    • 96C/192T - 2.6GHz
    • 256 GB RAM
    • 3.2 TB NVME
    • 32 TB Bandwidth
    • SLA 99.95%
    • 24 x 7 Support

    AMD EPYC 7k62

    • 2 x EPYC 7k62
    • 96C/192T - 2.6GHz
    • 512 GB RAM
    • 2 x 3.2TB NVME
    • 1 Gbps Network
    • 32 TB Bandwidth
    • SLA 99.95%
    • 24 x 7 Support

    What Makes Webyne Unique?

    No matter which service you choose, we deliver the best Server experience.

  • Guaranteed Upto 100% Power & Network Uptime
  • Monitored in Real-Time
  • 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • 15 days money back Guarantee
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    Power your digital transformation with WDC

    Work with experts who have decades of specialized data center expertise and hands-on experience in assessing, enabling, migrating, optimizing, and deploying IT infrastructure, networks and cloud architectures.

    Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

    Either join the party immediately or prepare to fall behind in the race!

    Major players across various industries have already adopted Webyne dedicated servers.

    Pretty soon, All business will migrate to Dedicated To boost The performance & lower their Cost!

    Most of our clients are Startups because we offer world-class managed Dedicated servers at a price that fits your budget. Our process covers everything from the initial consultation to the final deployment. In addition, our server infrastructure keeps pace with your startup's growth

    Webyne  is a popular choice for small businesses looking for a trusted partner for growing their IT infrastructure. We offer you a wide range of Dedicated Hardware Options and take care of your entire setup with complimentary server management and after-sales support.

    To our Enterprise clients, we deliver everything, including security, scalability, auditing, compliances, and Hybrid-Cloud, without costing an arm. webyne Enterprise-Grade solutions tick all the boxes and ensure seamless performance and smooth scalability.

    What You Get with Your AMD Dedicated Server

    20+ Data centers

    Webyne is among very few providers that offer 20+ Data Centers. we have got it all covered.

    Omni-Channel Support

    Webyne offers real human support 24×7 across multiple channels like Tickets, Emails, Whatsapp & Livechat

    Speedy Customer Service

    We strive to provide our customers with a fast and efficient service. Our average response time is 20 minutes, TOPS!.

    Aggressive Pricing

    Fact: Our Prices Are The Most Competitive In The Market

    Free Server Management

    Don’t have in-house DevOps? No Problem! All our services come with complimentary server management

    Enterprise-Grade Hardware

    From Intel to AMD EPYC , we offer a variety of Powerful CPUs to handle all types of applications & workloads.




    AMD EPYC Dedicated Server FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions about Dedicated Server India Hosting Provider

    An AMD EPYC dedicated server is a high-performance server equipped with AMD's EPYC™ processors, specifically designed for demanding workloads.

    Several hosting providers in India offer AMD EPYC dedicated servers. Webyne Data Center Pvt Ltd is a trusted provider offering high-performance, secure, and customizable AMD EPYC dedicated server solutions tailored for Indian businesses.


    Pricing for AMD EPYC dedicated servers varies depending on the specific configuration, including the number of cores, memory, storage, and bandwidth. Webyne offers a transparent pricing structure, allowing you to customize your server and see the upfront cost.

    Webyne offers comprehensive support for AMD EPYC dedicated servers, including 24/7/365 technical support, server monitoring, and expert advice to help you optimize your server performance.

    Yes, Webyne allows you to customize your AMD EPYC dedicated server in India to meet your specific needs. You can choose from various configurations for CPU cores, memory, storage, and bandwidth.