Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Imagine having your own, super flexible cloud service, completely customized to your needs and super secure. That's what today's private cloud offers!

Forget the old, clunky private clouds. Now, they can instantly grow or shrink when you need them, like magic! Plus, you only pay for what you use, just like with public cloud. Fancy features like automatic tasks, special boxes for code (containers), and even smart tech like AI are also included.

Think your company can't use the cloud because of location, speed, rules, or even just because everyone prefers things a certain way? Think again! Today's private cloud can act like a complete cloud, giving you all the benefits without leaving your comfort zone.

We use VMware technology to build special "hybrid" clouds that mix the best of both worlds: the familiar feel of your own private cloud with the exciting new features of the public cloud. This means you get the latest tech right away, but you can update your apps at your own pace, while keeping your most important information safe and sound in your private cloud.

So, ditch the limitations and embrace the future with a private cloud that's just for you!

Imagine you need a powerful computer for your work, but don't want the hassle of buying and maintaining it yourself. That's what our hosted private cloud is like!

Here's what it means in simple terms:

  • Run your stuff anywhere: We provide the perfect computer system (cloud) for your needs, so you don't have to worry about location or technical details.
  • No need to rebuild: Move your existing programs and data easily to our cloud without making major changes.
  • Grow on demand: Need more power? No problem! Our cloud can adapt to your growing needs effortlessly.
  • Mix and match: Our cloud works seamlessly with other types of clouds, giving you ultimate flexibility.

Don't throw away your old software just yet!

We help you run your existing programs (even those your team built themselves) securely and smoothly in a private cloud instead of rushing them to the public cloud. This way, you can:

  • Keep using your custom software: No need to say goodbye to familiar, in-house tools just yet. Run them in your private cloud until you're ready to move them on.
  • Save money on data: Managing lots of data can get expensive in the public cloud. Keep your private cloud for hefty datasets and avoid high costs.
  • Protect sensitive operations: Keep applications handling crucial information or supporting external partners safe and secure within your own controlled environment.

Basically, we help you make the most of your existing systems and data, saving you money and headaches while keeping things secure.