Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud

Multicloud embodies a variety of cloud types (public, private and on-premises) from a variety of cloud providers (e.g., Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft® Azure®) and/or SaaS providers (e.g., Salesforce, SAP, Oracle) in the same environment. While most companies would agree that a multicloud approach is the future, not many realize that multicloud is already their present.

While multicloud is on the rise, data centers are increasingly falling out of favor. According to the Multicloud Annual Research Report 2022 by WDC Technology, 56% of technology decision makers surveyed no longer envision plans of owning a data center in five years. The cloud is well established, and companies are investing in public or private cloud containers, serverless and edge computing technologies.

WDC Technology optimizes your multicloud environment, so you can realize its full benefits faster:

  • Take advantage of public cloud scalability for applications with heavy or unpredictable traffic
  • Use edge computing technologies for applications requiring low latency
  • Deploy business-critical applications on your private cloud to ensure security and control — all within your connected, multicloud environment
  • Establish multicloud security for your data and applications

Defining your seamless multicloud

  • Our multicloud specialists evaluate your current state of application and data integration across the entire organization, including hybrid IT deployments.
  • We’ll deliver integration recommendations that accelerate your business goals and strategies.


  • WDC provides multicloud connectivity to unify your entire cloud deployment.
  • Securely connect your WDC Technology dedicated hosting environment to other data center locations and the private and public clouds of your choice, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack®, VMware® and Google Cloud Platform.
  • WDC includes our 24x7x365 support and a 99.95% connectivity uptime guarantee.

Expand your preferred virtualization onto public cloud
  • Use VMware HCX, Managed Guest OS Services and Managed External Storage for your VMware Cloud™ on AWS workloads.
  • Get a multicloud interconnect that enables fast, simple and secure application migration and mobility between VMware-based private clouds and VMware Cloud on AWS.
  • Increase storage scalability without the need to purchase additional hosts.
  • Access 24x7x365 OS support for your VMs.

A connective layer between multiple clouds and services
  • Anthos gives you a consistent platform for all your application-oriented cloud deployments, from legacy, on-premises applications to cloud native, while offering a service-centric view of all your environments.
  • WDC Technology managed and professional services help you architect, deploy, configure and manage workloads.

Explore implementation solutions to get the most of your AWS Outpost deployments
  • Take advantage of our extensive global data center footprint to place your AWS Outposts close to your workloads, while WDC Technology addresses your migration and facilitates cloud native application modernization.
  • Deploy AWS Outposts on-premises, giving you the specialized, comprehensive capabilities you need to address your toughest challenges while recouping value from your data center investment.
  • Access our global footprint of colocation data centers to help bring your workloads as close to your data as possible.

Bring Azure into your data center
  • Microsoft Azure Stack delivers agility, scalability, security and control in your own private Azure cloud.
  • Azure Stack is as complex as it is powerful and can be challenging for organizations to deploy and run without supplementary expertise. With years of Azure experience, deep expertise and unmatched support, we’ll deploy and manage your Azure Stack environment.

  • Future-proof your VMware SDDC with automated lifecycle management
  • Establish a frictionless path to public cloud
  • A single hybrid cloud platform for modern and traditional applications
  • Consistent operations from private cloud to public cloud and multicloud environments

Store your data adjacent to the cloud — not in it. Cost-effectively make your data available to whichever cloud services you need. Eliminate public cloud egress fees and avoid cloud lock-in.

WDC Data Freedom is available globally in all WDC Technology data centers and colocation facilities and connects to most cloud environments, including all VMware Cloud environments, AWS, Microsoft® Azure® and Google Cloud Platform™.