Cloud storage

Cloud Storage

Traditional data warehouses can be costly, complicated and inflexible. Modernize your growing repositories of data by building in a cloud structure designed to clean and prep your data for analysis – so you can discover deeper insights that drive your business forward.

A combination of a cloud data warehouse and data lake in the cloud supports the highly advanced data analytics that can position your organization for the future. With our experience and expertise, we can help you imagine the possibilities, identify use cases and get you to a minimal viable product (MVP).

Create the comprehensive dashboard you need to do more
  • Discover a long-range view of data over time by focusing on data aggregation for multi-dimensional queries against historical data.
  • Seamlessly integrate business-intelligence tools like PowerBI, Tableau, Looker, Qlik or QuickSights.
  • Empower your analysts with comprehensive dashboards and reports.

Greater accessibility to data can empower decision making across your business
  • Make informed decisions with readily available and easily accessible data.
  • Put clean data at the fingertips of everyone across your business to free up IT resources.
  • Experience the power of ad hoc queries, even during deployment and data collection.

Process large volumes of structured data quickly, easily, and when it’s convenient
  • Run high-volume, repetitive data jobs simultaneously with little or no user interaction.
  • Prioritize time-sensitive jobs and schedule batch processes when it makes sense for you.
  • Run batch systems on or offline, with minimal user interaction and reduced opportunities for error.